Welcome to our web-site!  If you are new to Co-Serve, let us introduce ourselves... Co-Serve International is a non-profit organization based in Oregon that works globally to help develop leaders that serve others. We believe our world is in great need of leaders who are willing to live with integrity and according to core values of people and relationships. Such leaders recognize that life's purpose and meaning is not about being served, but it is about the opportunity to give your life to serve others. This kind of "servant leadership" involves helping people to know their authentic self, their value and potential, and that they have a unique purpose in this world. It also recognizes that people come to life when they can live out their purpose and potential in authentic and meaningful connection with others in community.  So, leaders who serve are always involved in forming authentic, interdependent "servant leadership communities." Our mission is about partnering with organizations and institutions to model and cultivate these kinds of communities around the world.


In the Co-Serve 2020-2021 Mentor Program, students from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and another Asian country are having weekly discussions via the Internet about servant leadership with Co-Serve mentors.  The program started in December 2020 and will continue for about 5 months.


In October-November 2020, Co-Serve, for the first time, held its Servant Leadership Principles course via Zoom. The course was held with 10 students from the Kazakh-American Free University in Kazakhstan, along with students and professors from the USA. The course has also involved limited face-to-face gatherings in Kazakhstan for a number of activities in the course that are difficult to do via the Zoom platform.


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